Why do I Need a Personal Website?

Looking for a job? Freelance assignments? Stay at home mom? New or old business? Or a writer? What is the one common solution to the questions about being noticed and growing that haunt the minds of all of these and many more?
A PERSONAL WEBSITE. A website is a key to accelerate growth and excel.

Below are a few important reasons, why anyone should have a personal website.

Cheap and Universal Appeal

Websites are a low start-up cost business option that has unlimited potential with a client base that can span across the world. There are various websites that help you create a website with easy procedures and low fees. No need to hold inventory, or even tap your friends for profit.

Whenever a keyword is searched, search engines first bring up a website, rather than social media links. Gives you a more important tool to market yourself. You can directly sell products, services or even your resume to the people who are looking for it.

Solid online base and Establishes Authority

Potential employers or customers will google your name, do you want them to just see social media posts or a more professional presentation of yourself; on your own website own the results of Google. With your own website, you own a platform and control how it looks, how people engage with it, how it functions. It has your own content presented in your own way. It is the face of your business. Instead of showing them your work, direct them to it and let it weave its magic.

Showcasing Skills and Content

Generating your own content is a vital part of having your own website. It serves as a canvas for your work. You can upload video, image, text, and audio work samples on your personal website and show clients what you are good at and that you are a power to be reckoned within your industry. A writer can upload articles, a designer can create a portfolio of design projects, a voice over artist can put up a video of himself for potential clients to see. A marketing or IT professional can write a case study highlighting the success of a particular project using charts, statistics and images to tell a story. Even students can add their resume page and projects done and list of accomplishments and internships thus getting an edge over the competition.

Credibility and Branding

Think about it…whenever you want a service or a product your first instinct is to search businesses with websites. Start a blog or host a podcast helps elevate your brand and lead to conversions. Every action on the website strengthens your online presence and works wonders for the growth of the business. It gives a sense of security and certainty when it comes to your brand and how people will find you. A website gives the impression of a professional and legitimate business. Having your own domain, .com or .net will help you have a professional email address for correspondence. This goes a long way with regards to your online presence. You can even include testimonials from happy customers, guaranteeing the quality of your service.

Direct Customer Contact

Your website, helps you build an email list which helps in having a direct relationship with your audience. Having direct access to someone’s inbox really matters as far as marketing is concerned.

Social media has direct audience participating to where the conversation is being had. But you also need a hub of your own for branding and the actual operation of the business. Your website gives you that platform.


2nd February 2018


Financial Security

What makes a person secure about something? As security expert Bruce Schneier states, “Security is both a feeling and a reality.” The belief of not having enough is what makes one insecure. It is important to cater to the internal and external reasons for insecurity and then work towards the awareness of releasing yourself from the pattern or mental block
Let us see what gives us external financial security.

Steady income.

This is the foremost factor that makes one feel secure. If you have a steady income, your lifestyle expenses and the running costs are taken care of

No Debt. The lesser the debt, the lesser the stress. Clearing present debts gives a sense of empowerment. Credit card debts are a strict NO-NO Mortgages increase the pressure and hamper one’s mental health
Insurance. Life, health and so on. Accidents can and do happen, and if one is adequately insured, he is saved from financial ruin. Insurance provides protection to the assets built by your hard earned money
Emergency savings and Investments. This is a safety net for urgent or unforeseen expenses or more serious ones like illness or unemployment
Homeownership. Is probably the biggest financial and emotional decision of a person’s life. It gives a person a sense of pride and security
When all these are achieved one gets a sense of financial security. Now the question is how does one attain these goals With a basic understanding of saving, budgeting and investing, the probability of a solid financial future increase.

Act and Earn
Financial security can be increased by financial literacy
Extra income never harmed anyone. Have an additional stream of income apart from the regular, steady source for the unforeseen events that lie ahead
Plan a budget and stick to it
Plan a practical budget. Consider all your expenses including rent, utilities, food, tuition fees, transportation and any other miscellaneous expenses. If after all this you are in the negative, you need to trim your budget. If in the positive, its time to save.
Think before you spend
Like time, spending money also expands to one’s income. Prioritize your expenses. Spend less than you earn. Dispensible expenses can be cut and the same finances used to find the bigger dreams in life. This will need some self-control but will reap high benefits in the future. Live simply today to have a comfortable tomorrow.

Saving will help improve net worth. Have a portion of the income automatically go into term deposits or other investments, compulsive savings is the only way one can get into the habit of saving. Spend what is left after saving. Have daily, monthly and annual goals for savings. One very important thing to remember while investing is ‘Do not put all your eggs in the same basket’ so you have a backup that you can bank on. Choose something to save for, a house, your child’s education or your retirement.

Be Debtfree
Take loans as far as possible only for the most important assets, home, education loan. Pay bills on time, it not only saves you from paying penalties but also gives you a good credit score. Never borrow money to support your lifestyle
Protect your assets
Risk management is an important aspect of protection of assets. Protect yourself, get a health insurance; and life insurance to protect your family
No Procrastination, no waiting for a magic solution. Pull up your socks and start working towards a financially secure future!!

Life is incomplete without Money

A person needs food, clothes and shelter basically, all this can be bought through money. Many people say money is not everything, money can’t buy bliss, money is a good servant but dangerous master, it is true. But one can’t even survive without money. Our lives are dull without money like the hot chocolate sauce on a sizzling ice cream, alone vanilla ice cream sitting on the plate. Likewise we find life incomplete without money. To be precise in today’s world the success of a person is judged by wealth, name and fame.
We all need to earn our daily bread. There are many methods of earning money, one can take up a job and earn a fixed salary or can run his own business with his investment and bear the results, or can sell his services, or can work on commission as well. It is believed that you have to work hard to earn a decent amount, perhaps because of advance technology one can earn from home also by working online though internet. Many online jobs are available at personal level and even government is providing online jobs. Now a days people have online business too.
I remember a girl after her post graduation she went to USA for work. And she got a good job with an excellent salary, She worked for few years, and also got a rise in salary. After few years she had to go back to her country for some personal reason, but her company never wanted to leave her as she was an asset for them. After a few months her USA organisation offered her to work online from home with a good package.
Since our Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi has plans to make Digital India, so many government and private online jobs are available, these days where students, housewives, retired people can also work, part time or full time, according to their conveniences.
If a person is saving regularly for his children’s education, for buying a new house, for marriages or for long trips in India and abroad or for any other such plans , do so wisely, remember it is your hard earned money. In market there are many policies and investment schemes available, and people get confused when they invest. Some people save money in bank, some buy Life insurance policies, like pension plan, money back plan etc. people also invest in properties and gold. Some play with money in stocks and mutual funds. So do it wisely.
Actually people think money is a power, it can allow you to buy or hire anything. One can earn money through illegal methods also. Like Bit coin etc. ( Bit coin is illegal in India). Actually cash is a medium for exchange of goods and services.
Any item or verifiable record that fulfils these functions can be considered as money. It drives its value by being declared by a government to be legal tender, that is it must be accepted as a form of payment within the boundaries of the country for all payments.
In short there is no survival without money.